About Skagen Bjesk

A dream of bjesk

A classic bjesk from Skagen is made on the herbs and berries that grow wild in the dunes, high bog and on the moorland around Skagen. In the weather-beaten nature, and the many bright hours, they have gained plenty of power and flavor. Here at the top of Vendsyssel people have relied on the local bjesk since ancient times.

All the best from sea and land

Like everything else from nature, it’s not something which we can control. Some years there is not so much of one herb – and much of the another herb.
Consequently, it may vary each year how much we have made been able to make of each kind of bjesk.

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Roaring wave tops on the sea and the west wind tingling in the face. The sanded church and famous painters. The unique spot where the wind is at its maximum, and at the same time you can find the most beautiful tranquility. A group offriendly hosts and the special light form the finest contrast to the harbour and fishing. A unique place where you can feel at home, even when you are away from home, also offering you the opportunity to pack the fresh air into your luggage. A hotel which offers the rest of the world a small bite of Skagen – a small dot on the map of Denmark.

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